Dear Parent:

I’m Karen Thomas, a mother that understands the worry, frustration and fear that comes with your child being diagnosed with autism.

You do not have to settle for behavioral therapies and medications “managing” symptoms at best for the rest of time.

There is another way.

I know…. great, another thing to look at. Been there and I am willing to give you everything I have found that worked for my son and clients so you can take a deep breath, quit speed reading, and finally get some much-deserved rest.

Sound good?

BONUS: You’ll save time and money by avoiding everything that doesn’t work.

Why am I doing that?

Because I’ve been there and I KNEW there had to be something natural, without extreme side effects, that could help my child get relief from the symptoms to live a good life…. my mission is to help other parents get what they need to do so their child can be healthy, happy and independent.

Having a plan that you’re confident with is easier than the stress caused by the frustration that is added with every passing minute when things are not going well.

I’ve already been through the trenches and have burned the midnight oil researching. The nay-sayers said it was impossible and if I would have listened, my son would not be experiencing the vitality and freedom he has in his life now.

Seeing him being able to live a life that is easy, fun, and engaging after graduating college is such a relief (for both of us)!

Isn’t that what most parents wish for their child? The biggest question I had when he was little was HOW would that ever be possible?

Are you having those thoughts too?

It can feel like an uphill battle with:

  • Endless options that are contradictory
  • Treatments are expensive… what if they don’t work and insurance doesn’t cover them?
  • Emotional, financial, and physical worries increase while hope decreases when the treatments do not work.

Have you been dealing with that?

Time is precious… but I don’t have to tell you what you already know.

Instead, I’m prepared to give you everything I discovered to help my son. Sound good?

I created my Naturally Recovering Autism Membership to help you do away with all the confusion, all the overwhelm, and all the wasted time and expense of trying to figure things out on your own.

Inside this membership you will have access to the entire process I used to help my son overcome his symptoms of autism. You’ll have my step by step action plan, deep dive training videos, supplements list, dietary instruction, and much more!


But please don’t worry… It’s simple, if you just do one thing at a time, the way it’s supposed to be done. No more overwhelm. And no need to rush things. This is a process, so even busy parents can relax and just follow the steps one at a time.

REMINDER: Enrollment is open for a limited time, so join now.


Read what members have to say about the results they’re getting…

We are mesmerized by our son’s speech…

He is now speaking endlessly. The story was different last year when we started Karen’s program. (At 4 years he had only two word sentences.)

To all moms, please relax, be patient and follow the program religiously.

Karen – once again, I can’t thank you enough!


5 yr old son with autism

…eye contact has improved, he says three word sentenes now, and he isn’t having tantrums.

Because of your program my 3 yr old son has improved so much. He listens to small tasks, plays with his older brother who is 3 yrs older, smiles back when we smile, eye contact has improved, he says three word sentences now, and he isn’t having tantrums.

He is much happier.


3 yr old son with autism

…we have noticed that he has become so calm.

My son is 6 and since he was a baby he was mostly non-verbal, and had major digestive issues (constipation )…

He has been hyperactive, destructive, noisy, has learning problems, OCD, repetitive clapping and inappropriate noises. He was also recently diagnosed with both Lyme and strep (PANDAS). He has candida and heavy metals. He has sensory issues especially when it comes to some type of clothing, he will not wear shoes for long and bolts/runs from class at any given chance.

After we started Karen’s program, we have noticed that he has become so calm.

His constipation issues have reduced, he’s slowly learning his numbers, alphabet, colors, shapes etc.


6 yr old son with autism

Her anxiousness and sensory issues have decreased considerably…

Karen, Thank you so much for your help. My daughter has gotten a lot better since we started our membership. My stress level is now really low…and my daughter is more manageable. Her anxiousness and sensory issues have decreased considerably as well as her sleeping issues.

Thank you..thank you..thank you for being a part of our family in this journey. My family is healthier than ever.


Daughter with autism

He has slept through the night for the past two weeks…

After 5 weeks with Karen’s Mentoring… He has slept through the night for the past two weeks, which is the very FIRST time in his life! He used to wake up crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep for hours on end.

And his irritability and moodiness has decreased. He even plays with his 3 year old sister.

My little boy is slowly but surely making progress.

Thank you again Karen


17 month old son with autism

He’s more calm than before and his speech has dramatically improved.

Since my son has been on your program for the past few months we’ve seen noticeable changes in his behavior! He’s more calm than before and his speech has dramatically improved.

His picky eating is very gradually getting better as his gut seems to be healing. He’s much less aggressive.

I just want to say how happy we are with the progress he’s made and I know it’s mostly due in large part to the elixirs!

Thank you so much!


Son with autism

So what exactly is included with your membership?

The core training inside the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership teaches you exactly how to bring your child to optimum health using the same steps I used to recover my son from his symptoms of autism.

I've created and refined this program with safety, time, and effectiveness in mind. There's no fluff, no fillers, and as a member you will always have access to the latest updates and additions.

I will show you the specific supplements that have taken me over a decade to research and prove worthy of the job we need them to do in the gentlest, safest way possible.

The core training is shared via seven-modules of step-by-step videos. The videos are short and to the point, and show you exactly what to do so you can implement with confidence .

This program focuses on the specific needs of children with autism, and the proven steps to quick, easy, safe recovery. No guessing... Just follow the steps and start seeing progress.

Scroll down for details…


Module 1 – Introduction and Beginning Steps

The first module is an introduction and covers what it takes to create a strong foundation. Here is just some of what you’ll find in this first module:


Gut Healing Do's & Don'ts Guide

A very complete list so you know which foods your child CAN have, as well as the ones to avoid. Heal your child’s gut and get the bad bacteria in balance so he can sleep better, stay calm, eat more nutritious foods to build up his immune system and important brain messengers.


Complete Supplements Guide

A guide with direct links to each, well researched supplement you’ll need along the way. You won’t need to get everything now, just the first few will get you started. I’ll show you HOW to get started too, so don’t worry about that. No more guessing or wasting money on things that don’t work.

BONUS: Personalized Elixir Reading

This is a huge bonus that is introduced and explained right away in the first module. (More details can be found further down on this page.)

Natural Practitioner Guide

This guide will help you find a natural practitioner to help you if you need one for anything. This is great for finding natural allergy elimination experts, naturopaths, etc.

How to Muscle Test Video Series

A set of video tutorials to help you learn how to know if a food or supplement is good for your child’s unique situation or not, as well as what dosages to use. We must start very low and slowly work our way up.

The Difinitive Guide to Home Protection

This guide shows you everything you need to know to eliminate environmental triggers from your home. This guide arms you with the solutions you need to prevent your child from continuing to be sick.
* I will go over everything step-by-step, one thing at the time, as it is needed. I’ve kept it super simple for you to follow along. I will teach you how to muscle test, how to use supplements, how to determine what dosages are right for your child’s unique needs, and much more.

Module 2 – Begin Gut Support & Candida Balancing

Next up, we need to start healing your child’s gut, which requires more than just changing his diet. Here is a brief overview of what the videos in module 2 will show you:


Healing the Lining of Your Child's Gut

When healing the gut it is so important to understand that his gut is also injured and must be healed safely. I’ll show you how to ensure that no more undigested foods and toxins can get into his blood and his brain.


Eliminate Food Allergies & Behavioral Issues

You’ll learn what specific supplements should be used to help heal the tears in his gut lining and soothe it as it does so.

How to Balance Candida in Your Child's System

Candida or Yeast must be brought into balance so their toxins don’t cause more damage to his organs, nerves, and his brain. This is essential so his brain can function properly allowing him to focus and concentrate better, have more balanced energy, and be more in control of his moods and emotions. Candida can be very tricky to balance if you don’t have the right protocol. In this program, you do.

The Ultimate Gut Healing Diet

Getting your child’s diet right will affect your child’s recovery more significantly than almost anything else. Everything I share in this membership is important but diet change is what creates the foundation that makes everything else so effective.

Improve Sleep, Mood, Concentration & More

Many of the brain’s messengers known as neurotransmitters are made in the gut. If you don’t heal all of the gut issues, these brain messengers can’t send their messages out which will result in poor sleep, mood problems, reduced appetite, inability to concentrate, anxiety issues and much more.

Module 3 – Heavy Metal Detoxification

Toxicity from heavy metals is a really big deal in children with autism. Here is what you’ll learn in this module:


The Four Most Dangerous Heavy Metals

Learn what the top four most dangerous heavy metals are for children with autism.


Eliminate the #1 Toxin Affecting Your Child's Brain

Children with autism face a very dangerous toxin that disables neuropathways in the brain, destroys brain cells, and cuases a lot of trouble back in the gut. It must be dealt with or the guy won’t heal.

How to SAFELY Remove All Heavy Metal Toxins

I will take you through the specific steps necessary to remove heavy metal toxins from your child’s system using a powerful, all natural supplement and a proven liver support protocol. Following these steps won’t cause any harm the way pharmaceutical heavy metal detoxification drugs can. It is extremely gentle on the system.

Module 4 – Natural Allergy Elimination

Beginning the Herbal Formulas for the Coinfections. Here is just some of what you’ll find in module four…


Reprogram Your Child's Immune System

You will learn how to stop the immune system from overreacting to substances in both its internal environment and in the external environment.


Minimize the Effect of Viruses

Viral elixirs are added into this module because viruses are a big part of the problem for many children with autism. Some are still being affected by their measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination viruses. My son was, (we learned this from our natural allergy elimination practitioner).

Maximize Vitamin & Mineral Absorption

With so many vitamin supplements out there, it’s hard to know which ones are good. I have found some of the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for children on the autism spectrum. Our kids are far more sensitive than the average child. We need the best absorption, as well as the best nutritional complex.
* Millions of people suffer from environmental allergies and food allergies, but do not realize all of the culprits that are causing them harm.

Module 5 – Brain Support

Module 5 is all about the specific needs of the brain in terms of support supplements. Here is what you’ll learn:


Beyond Healing the Gut

Brain support starts with healing the gut but often the brain needs more help. Some parts of the brain can be over-active and others under-active. Learn how to create surprisingly positive changes in your child’s focus, sleep, mood stability, calmness, energy, and much more.


How to Customize & Implement for Your Child

We will go through the necessary implementation steps so you will know what your child’s specific needs are and what you can do about it. We are all so different. Imagine him being able to focus in the classroom, sleep through the night, or not have rageful tantrums anymore.

Module 6 – Brain Repair

Brain repair is so important and so misunderstood. Here is what we’ll cover:


How to Avoid Therapies that Don't Work

There are so many therapies and modalities we are told about for autism. The expense can be immense, especially if you spend a lot on something that does not work!


Proven Brain Repair Supplements & Therapies

I will take you through the best brain repair supplements and therapies I know of that proved themselves with my own son, and have done so with many others.

Module 7 – The Co-infections of Autism: Mold, PANDAS/strep, Lyme, Parasites, Mycoplasma

These coinfections are often missed, or treated improperly, and are why kids stay sick. Here we use proven proprietary herbal formulas specific to each infection to combat them.


How to Discover any Additional Pathogenic Microbes Impeding Your Child's Recovery

There are additional reasons why many children do not get well. It is missed by doctors quite often. These remaining pathogenic microbes must be tested for properly or they will not be discovered.


How to Effectively Eradicate these Additional Pathogenic Microbes from Your Child

Once you’ve discovered these additional pathogenic microbes in your child, you must eradicate them or he will continue to be ill, physically and emotionally. I will share some of the lesser known but best resources available.
And that’s just the core training!

I have spent the last several years creating and refining this core video training to offer as a stand alone program, which I was planning to sell for $3,600 all by itself. However, for the next little while, it’s all included as part of your Naturally Recovering Autism Membership, along with a lot of other really great resources you can read about below!

*And you won’t be paying anywhere near $3,600!

So besides the core training modules listed above, your membership also comes with the following…

Monthly Q&A Calls

We will have a live call on the first Wednesday, of each month. Don’t worry, if you can’t be there, I will record it for you and you can listen to it at your convenience. Sometimes you learn best by listening to others getting their questions answered – often questions you hadn’t thought of yet!

Deep Dive Pearls

This is where I will bring you new short trainings each month to help you get the best results possible as you implement my process. Some of these trainings will be videos, others will be audios or text based…My goal with these is to keep you from getting overwhelmed.


Essential Resources

This is where you can get checklists, additional recommended supplements for specific needs, articles, interviews and other extra bonuses that offer help on specific subjects.

Community Forum

This is our community where you get to know each other, introduce yourself, ask questions, get questions answered, share milestones and success stories, and communicate with everyone.

And that’s not all…

I really want to make sure you have everything you need to help your child, so when you register today, I’m also going to give you the following bonuses: 

Bonus #1: A personalized elixir reading from the GO-TO expert when it comes to the healing power of natural elixirs. ($297 Value)

Included in your membership at no extra cost is a valuable energetic testing of specific needs for your child’s symptoms directly from the company’s owner and product creator. He gave me permission to give only those in my program his personal email address. These natural liquid elixirs are the absolute best I have found anywhere to assist candida balancing, improving speech, sleep gut healing, focus, adrenal support, improve eye contact, calming fears and nervousness, and much more.

Bonus #2: Proprietary organic herbal formulas for eliminating co-infections. ($1,997 Value)

These proprietary organic herbal formulas are only available to active members of the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership program. They are offered to us by the doctor who took over a decade to perfect them in her own quest to recover her son from his symptoms of autism. You need my guidance and a strong foundational program to be in place to use them.  The co-infections of autism are commonly missed or worked with incorrectly. Many are antibiotic resistant and antibiotics will destroy the good bacteria too.

Bonus #3: The Complete Antihistamine Diet ($57 Value)

This bonus gives you the specifics you need to know to rule out the possibility of histamine reactions from foods in your child’s diet. Although the foods he is eating may be healthy, he may still be having reactions that are preventing him from getting well. This is commonly missed and unknown by most parents and practitioners so I wanted to be sure and include it.

Bonus #4: My All Natural Brain Support Trouble-Shooting Guide ($57 Value)

This guide will provide you with specific examples of interchanging behaviors and solutions to them. Not all brain types follow an exact guideline. This bonus gives you a troubleshooting guide to natural supplementation for brain balancing.

This membership contains all the help and resources I wish would have been available when I first started dealing with my son’s symptoms.

Here I am with my son in Hawaii recently…

Just fun! No issues to deal with! Can you imagine that?

If you are a parent of a child with autism, then you probably already know that you need an accurate plan that you can easily follow without any more confusion. That is why I created this program…for you! I want to see your child get better safely and more quickly. No more wasted time!

After all, you probably already know that a plan that has been proven, is complete, and safe is the key to successfully getting your child as healthy and symptom free as possible. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Saving yourself time, money, and having the greatest positive impact is most important. After all, you’ve probably already spent so much money and time on things that either barely worked, or didn’t work at all. Time is precious! Why waste it any longer?


You’ve gone to multiple doctors. You hear that this is the ONE and your hopes get really high…and then you do your best to follow what they tell you, but you get confused as to what to do next and have to go to more expensive appointments looking for answers, but no one has a complete plan for you with a proven outcome. They speculate and give you varied pieces to work with, but never a complete plan.

Nothing really made much of a difference until I cracked the code and figured out not only the necessities, but the specific sequence with the right supplements necessary to see what was possible.

Feeling a bit nervous?

If you’re feeling a little scared, maybe overwhelmed, wondering if you can do this, then just know that’s totally normal. Anytime we try something new it can fell challenging. The key is not to let that fear stop you from moving forward and getting the results you and your child deserve. It’s just one step at a time.

Concerned about finances?

As a parent of a child with autism we spend a lot of money working toward recovery. I know. I’ve lived it too. Try to imagine what life will be like one year from now if you don’t do anything differently than what you’re doing. Then imagine having a concrete plan to follow that helps you stay on track and only spend your valuable resources on what does work. Think of how your life and your child’s will be better once you both can sleep through the night, or your child can talk, and concentrate in a classroom, and control their emotions and be happy and calm. Sounds good, right? Think of what isn’t working and what can be eliminated from your expenses now. Make positive shifts that offer you benefits instead of dead ends.

Don’t have a lot of time?

No worries, this program is set up with busy parents in mind. You can learn one step in about 20 minutes. Then practice implementing only that one thing. You don’t move on until you’re ready. It’s all on your time and available 24/7 from your own home…and it leaves you more time to do the fun things you enjoy with your child. Go to the park and play, or sit on the couch and read. You can do this!

“I highly recommend Naturally Recovering Autism for anyone, including parents, educators, and practitioners working with someone effected by autism or ADD. After fourteen years of research Karen Thomas shares the natural resource roadmap that she used to recover her own son from the symptoms of autism in this very complete, yet comprehensible guide which helps to simplify the whirlwind of information out there and empower the layperson along with the professionals they are working with for any individual’s specific needs.”
Dr. Daniel Amen, Five time, New York Times best-selling author, including “Healing ADD,” and “Heal Your Brain to Heal Your Life.”

This step-by-step Naturally Recovering Autism Membership is the first training of it’s kind. Why is it different than the rest?

No more confusion. It gives moms a complete A TO Z, step-by-step plan that is easy to follow.
It better leverages your time and minimizes extra or unnecessary expenses.

There is something for everyone here – the novice and the experienced parent.

Here’s how it all breaks down…
Begin implementing the right foods and removing the bad ones so the gut can heal and the brain isn’t exposed to their toxins and inflammation anymore. You’ll get guides to the exact supplemets needed with direct links to them. Tutorials on how to know if they’re right for your child and at what dosages because we start very low and work our way up slowly and safely. There’s a guide to natural practitioners too, in case you need one.
Learn how to give the right supplements and learn how to know what dosages to give to assist the toxins out of the body, begin healing the gut, and helping your child’s brain and immune system to get the nutrition and support they need.
Begin working with the co-infections one at a time in a specific order you have to follow.
Heavy metal detoxification through safe, natural support. Also begin natural aleergy elimination to remove acqired allergens from your child’s body that may be preventing recovery.
Support brain health and its deficient needs to help naturally balance mood, sleep, appetite, and the ability to focus and concentrate.
Utilize brain repair therapies to help your child’s brain where it became imbalanced and miswired from toxins during development, so they can be calmer, sleep better, improve language ability, and focus more clearly.
Learn to detect and naturally work with the rest of the co-infections of autism that could be preventing recovery and getting in the way of better health such as Lyme’s Disease, Mold bio-toxins, PANDAS/strep, mycoplasma (respiratory infections), and parasites.

How much does it cost to be a member?

I’m really excited to tell you about the super low price I’ve decided to offer the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership at…

I created all the core training videos and a couple of the accompanying guides over the past couple of years so I could answer the many requests I have received to put together a program teaching my process.

My plan was to offer the program for a limited time to beta members for $2,997, and then eventually to the public at $3,600. I was told by many people that I was crazy to not offer my program for far more than what I was planning.

However, my goal was, and still is to get this information into the hands of everybody who wants it. So instead of raising the price of my program, I’ve added some ongoing support, a forum, a monthly Q&A call and tons of other resources to it, and put it all in this membership site that ANYONE should be able to afford.

You won’t be paying $3,600 today… not $2,997… In fact, if you look at my regular enrollment page, you’ll see that registration is currently closed to the public… BUT, because you were sent here by a good friend of mine, I’ve opened this back door so you can get complete access to everything explained on this page for a small monthly fee of only $97 for 12 months! Or, you can join now for $970 a year and get 12 months for the price of 10.

That’s only about $3 a day… That’s less than the cost of a Starbucks latte for heaven’s sake!

The Naturally Recovering Autism Membership is an on-demand program that provides you with immediate access to all member materials upon enrollment. Even if you are unable to attend the live monthly Q&A call, you may submit your questions ahead of time or on the forum and you will be provided with a recording. Therefore, regardless of use, this program may not be canceled or refunded at any time.

All memberships are a 12-month commitment and will automatically renew after the end of each paid subscription period at our Alumni rate. You will be notified by email before your membership renews. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of membership. You may cancel your membership before your renewal date by emailing

REMINDER: Enrollment is open for a limited time, so join now.

Here’s what you do now:


1. Enroll in the program now by clicking the “join now” button above

You will receive an email within 5 minutes with your log-in details for the members’ site. It also gives you your first steps to get started so you know what to do. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it).

2. Log into the members site and watch the welcome video and the short navigation video to learn the lay of the land.

3. Follow the steps in your welcome email to begin taking action.

It’s that easy!

Oh, and you will be grandfathered in at the price you join at now for as long as you remain a member even when the price goes up in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have limited time. What if I’m not keeping up with the videos?
A. Don’t worry about keeping up with the videos or feeling like you are falling behind. You can go forward on your own timeline because we know it is different for each child. Do what is best for your child each day. Going slow is a good thing.
Q . I already have my child on a gluten free/casein free diet and we eat healthy. Isn’t that enough to heal his gut?
A. This is a great question and one I hear all of the time, but the answer is no. Gluten free and casein free is very important but there is so much more to a true gut healing, and autism recovering diet. Healing an injured gut takes is a lot more than being gluten free and casein free. We will, of course, cover these specifics in the program.

Q. Is it harmful for my son to go through detoxification without supporting his liver? This is what we have been doing.
A. Yes, if his liver is not properly dispelling the toxins from his body they will reabsorb into his body and cause greater harm to both his physical health and his behavioral, or brain, health. Going slowly and in the right order is crucial.

Q. I’ve tried so many things already. Will it just be more information, & confusion?
A. No. That’s what I want to help get you away from. I see so many parents wasting precious time and money but they only have bits and pieces of what is needed. My program gives you everything you need in a specific order that is crucial to your child’s success.

Q. What makes what you have different than all of the rest?
A. My program is thorough but easily digested. It offers a step by step guide to each specific piece of the program. There is no confusion about what to do next or what products to use. Everything in it has been thoroughly researched and successfully utilized with my own son and others, as well. I also know that people are very visual so I’ve turned every piece into a short video for you to follow. This isn’t just another diet program. It’s A to Z.
Q. What kinds of improvements would I expect to see in my child from your program?
A. As I mentioned before, parents I have helped report improvements in their child’s sleep, a much calmer and happier disposition, better focus and concentration, no more headaches or stomach aches, less illnesses, and overall better physical and emotional health.

Q. How will I know if this will work for my child? His autism is severe.
A. You don’t know until you try. I was told that my son’s autism was permanent and that I should medicate him, take him to social and behavioral therapy, and learn to live with it. I just didn’t want to accept this or mask his symptoms with medications that were known to be harmful. I wanted to find out what was causing his symptoms and learn to safely heal those causes, not just mask symptoms. I am so grateful that I did because if I hadn’t he would not have gotten better. Today he is free of the symptoms he once had and is living a happy, healthy, normal life. He just finished his second year of college away on his own and he’s doing great!

Q. What symptoms did your son have?
A. My son had severe headaches, stomach aches, issues with hyper-focus and concentration, anxiety, agitated depression, and the worst case of oppositional defiance disorder the autism specialist we saw said she had ever seen. He would have tantrums at home that were often uncontrollable. We would sometimes just have to wait until he exhausted himself because there was nothing we could do but try to keep him safe while we waited it out. School, home and everything else was so hard for him. It was heartbreaking.

Q. Is your son really better today?
A. Better! He’s more than better he’s free from all of those symptoms and he is the calmest, happiest, sweetest guy ever. You would never know he had that kind of a past if you met him. Remember this is why I am doing what I am doing here and why I put this program together. This is for the parents who want to try everything and won’t give up the way I didn’t. I really want to see your child get better because I truly believe that he can and I’m tired of so many parents being confused as to what to do. Their child isn’t getting better and they are still spending needless money and losing precious time with their child. The worst for me is watching these children suffer so much when I know they don’t have to.

Q. Are these typical results?
A. Well, as parents of children with autism know, there is no such thing as a typical child with autism. They are all so unique. Nothing can be “typical”, but vast improvements can be made. This is one of the reasons I offer the 30-day money back guarantee. I want you to feel good about your investment. If it’s not for you then you have no risk, but the only way to know that is to try it.

Q. Should I check with my doctor first?
A. Be sure to check with a doctor who is knowledgeable about natural supplementation and therapies, and open minded. In the program I offer resources.

Q. I have your book. How is the video program different?
A. The book is very thorough and answers many questions in detail, but many parents were still needing more support, and the video program offers just that. It helps those who don’t have the time to read now, or they want to read the science and specifics later, but need to be led through what to do right now. Many people are also very visual and need to be shown the steps. The video program is the perfect addition to the book. It goes straight into the nuts and bolts in short three to seven minute videos.

Q. I’m already spending so much money on doctors, therapies and supplements. How can I afford one more thing?

A. The purpose of this membership is to help you save money (and time) by avoiding the extra things that don’t work and helping you get it right the first time. Having the right program to implement with all of the specifics is what should keep you from having to spend more money in the future. I cannot even tell you how many tens of thousands of dollars I spent trying everything for my son before I figured it all out, and now I’m offering it to you for a small monthly fee that’s affordable for any family! I didn’t have a lot of money to spend either but I did it because I knew it was what I had to do to help my son get better. I know many of you are like I was. I look at it from my own perspective as a mom. If I had been offered an actual plan with a step by step guide that had proven to work for others, I feel like it would have been a no-brainer. 

Q. Once I've taken my child through your process, and have gotten some great results, what do I do to maintain those results?
A. Great question! My fourth free bonus you get when you register today is a complete maintenance guide I have spent a lot of time developing. You will have a guide, a plan, and support to help you continue on your path.