About Us and How We Got Here

Helping 7-figure businesses grow since 2011


Our Purpose is To grow 7-figure businesses that matter. These 6 words may seem a little clunky and may not mean much to you, but they mean the world to us. We honor entrepreneurs. They shape our world and create tremendous value. Very few are able to grow their business to $1M+ in revenue. For those who do get there, we love unlocking additional potential in their business so they can grow to $10M and beyond.

What we teach isn’t rocket science, but nowhere else can you find a more practical blueprint and operating system for how to grow your 7-figure business. All of the content, methods and tools are entirely based on how we actually grew to $10M+ at Infusionsoft.

Most entrepreneurs excel at their craft. They don’t usually know much about how to build a business. Teaching 7-figure business owners how to grow to $10M and beyond is our craft. We did it at Infusionsoft. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like you. We can help you too.


While Elite Entrepreneurs got its official start as a standalone company on Feb 1, 2018, the Elite Forum was born inside of Infusionsoft in December of 2011.

At Infusionsoft’s monthly company meeting in November 2011, CEO Clate Mask delivered the disappointing news that we were not on track to hit our revenue goal for the year. He felt obligated to caution everyone against spending in anticipation of a nice year-end bonus, because he just couldn’t see a path to hitting the goal that would fund the bonuses. What followed was one of the most powerful demonstrations of employee ownership we have ever seen.

A few key employees got together right after the meeting and basically said, “There is no way we are missing that revenue goal!” Innovation followed and two new offerings were born. One of them was the Elite Forum.

Brett Gilliland and Clate Mask discussing the Elite Entrepreneurs journey

Clate Mask and Brett Gilliland put together a program to share Infusionsoft’s learnings in the areas of Culture, Capital and Strategy Planning that enabled us to grow from seven figures in revenue ($1M+) to eight figures ($10M+).

Little did we know at the time that we would end up growing the Elite business over the next 6 years. During that 6 years we’ve taught hundreds of $1M+ business owners how to successfully grow to $10M and beyond.

As part of the 2018 budget planning for Infusionsoft, the strategic decision was made to focus all available investment on product and partners. As talks progressed about what to do with the Elite business, it became crystal clear to Brett that the opportunity to lead the future of Elite brought him full circle to doing what he was passionate about when he started at Infusionsoft a decade earlier… helping a 7-figure business with the business building work that would enable it to scale to $10M and beyond.

As a standalone company, Elite Entrepreneurs has exclusive rights to all of the learning/content, processes and tools Infusionsoft used to grow to $10M+ complete with real-life examples from Infusionsoft’s journey that 7-figure business owners can leverage as they work to scale their businesses. In essence, we’ve packaged up Infusionsoft’s 10,000 hours of mastery in business building so you can accelerate your growth without having to learn the entire path on your own.